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Correca Dental Care was setup with an idea to provide dental care with quality, affordability and ethics as priority to the citizens of India by Dr.Atul K Sanjiv. We believe that the lack of accessibility to dental insurances, along with the lack of awareness among the masses has created a scenario where people neglect their oral health during their crucial young and middle ages and later suffer when they get older. This dilemma of wanting dental care but not being  able to afford it is a daily scenario at every dental clinic catering to the middle and the lower middle class of people. At Correca Dental Care we plan to change this trend by changing the way dentistry is practised as a business in India. 

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To provide affordable, accessible and ethical dental treatments to the masses so as to build  healthier, functional and confident smiles.


"To be the leading and most trusted provider of dental care, setting the standards for accessible, affordable & ethically practiced dentistry in our community and beyond. We envision a future where cost is never a barrier to a healthy, confident smile, and where every individual, regardless of their financial circumstances, can access the dental care they deserve."

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